Protection Of Personal Data

Information within the framework of the Law on Protection of Personal Data

This is to inform on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data (“Disclosure ") The objective of the website (“ Portal "), including the use ASLANEGE ÖZEL GÜVENLİK HİZMETLERİ LTD (Former Title EGE ÖZEL GÜVENLİK HİZMETLERİ LTD.), ASLANEGE PERSONEL HIZM. YAPI GIDA SAN. A.Ş. (Former Title: EGE ÖZEL ORGANİZASYON GIDA TURİZM TEM. HİZM. VE MALZ. NAK. TİC. LTD ŞTİ), ASLANEGE İNŞAAT GIDA VE YÖNETİM HİZMETLERİ SAN TİC. A.Ş (Former Title 7CS TES EN. YÖNETİM HİZMETLERİ SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.) (Hereinafter referred to as ASLANEGE Group) obtained during the activities and/or as regards to processing of personal data received from the third parties of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (‘Act’), in accordance with Article 10 of the disclosure obligation is fulfilled.

This Disclosure includes the following topics:

  • The identity of the data responsible,
  • Which personal data is obtained,
  • Method of personal data collection,
  • The purpose for which personal data will be processed,
  • The legal reason for processing personal data,
  • Personal data storage period,
  • To whom and for what purpose personal data may be transmitted,
  • Storage and security of personal data,
  • Other rights of the real person (“Relevant Person”) whose personal data are processed, as defined in Article 11 of the Law,
  • Application procedure for data responsibility.

1) Data Responsible

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, your personal data may be used to protect you. as the data manager, ASLANEGE Group will collect and process it as described in this Information.

2) Personal Data Collected

ASLANEGE Group collects various static and dynamic data from the Person Concerned with the following methods. The data collected by ASLANEGE Group differs depending on the services that the user receives from the ASLANEGE Group and on the characteristics of the service.

ASLANEGE Group does not collect personal data which is specific to the person concerned. Specific data means data related to race, ethnicity, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, disguise and dress, membership of associations, foundations or trade unions, health, sex life, criminal convictions and security sensitive data.

The types of personal data collected by ASLANEGE Group are listed below.

Usage Data and Favorites: Reasons for contacting our ASLANEGE Group call centers, including but not limited to data collected from contact's devices through various software and technological tools, records, value of housing property and region report information, date and time data with regards to the date and time the product was used, the province, county, neighborhood, products that the user erroneously looked at through the Portal, square meter prices, survey of domestic or international firms data of the user specified in the relevant survey or banner so that the user can be directed to the relevant product through modules such as banner routing and that the product supplier companies can contact the user, the date of the last entry to ASLANEGE Group, websites visited, number of pages displayed, duration of visits and number of target completions, search terms entered, categories of products and advertisements visited, errors during service usage, and similar problems.

Location Data: Location information for the location of the user obtained when the user wants to search for ads around their location during the use of the mobile app after they have given permission.

3) How Your Personal Data Is Collected

Your personal data is collected using the following methods;

Data you provide directly to the ASLANEGE Group: Refers to the personal data provided to ASLANEGE Group on the sole initiative of the user, prior to or during the use of the services provided by ASLANEGE Group, including the portal. This personal data covers all personal data provided directly by the user to the ASLANEGE Group as a result of its interactions with ASLANEGE group. 

Data Obtained When You Use the Portal: Includes personal data relating to the use habits of the user erroneously obtained through certain software or technological tools during the service provided by ASLANEGE Group. For example, location data, add to favorites, and favorites, as well as interests and usage data, are entered into such data. In addition, ASLANEGE Group associates the behavior of the user using the Portal for the purpose of online behavioral advertising and marketing to a cookie in the browser, even if it is not a member, and the number of pages displayed, collects data based on metrics such as visit time and target completions. This personal data is data collected in whole or in part by automated methods.

Data from Open Sources: When needed, personal data belonging to the Person concerned can be collected from public sources such as trade records and social media. This personal data is collected in whole or in part by automated methods or by non-automated methods as part of our data registration system.

4) The Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

The purpose of processing the personal data collected by ASLANEGE Group on a group basis is as follows:

Purpose of Processing Identity and Contact Information:

Getting to know the customer,

Customer portfolio management,

Information about promotions and events,

Risk analysis,

Complaint management,

Managing customer satisfaction processes,

Sending marketing and advertisement messages

Customer dialogues

Execution of operational activities,

Customer verification,

Performance of sales and after-sales services,

Detection and prevention of fraud.

Usage Data and The Purpose of Processing Favorites:

Control of user records,

Development of after-sales services,

Measuring and improving customer portfolio management quality,

Online behavioral advertising and marketing,

User registration,

Problem/error notification,

Controlling operational activities,

Credit tracking, collection and billing procedures,

User interest analysis,

Execution and development of operational activities,

Development of after-sales services and after-sales processes,

Business development,

To carry out marketing, sales, advertising, communication, complaint management processes.

Purpose of Processing location data:

Use of ASLANEGE Group functions connected to or related to the location,

Risk management.

Purpose of Processing Survey Data:

Development, evaluation of products and services,

Marketing, statistical analysis and improving processes in accordance with the objectives of the Portal with real and/or legal persons that ASLANEGE Group cooperates with.

The Legal Reason for Processing Personal Data

The reasons why your personal data is processed vary depending on the purpose for which it was collected. The reasons why personal data is processed by ASLANEGE Group are listed below. In cases other than the explicit reason of consent, the express consent of the Person concerned is not required.

Processing on the Basis of The Express Consent of the Person Concerned: Information, marketing and advertising messages about customer portfolio management, promotion and events, communication for these purposes, determination of usage data and interests, sales, online behavioral advertising and marketing, user interest analysis, location information retrieval, measurement and profiling, marketing in accordance with the portal's intended use with real and/or legal persons with whom ASLANEGE Group cooperates the processing of personal data for purposes is based on the consent of the Person concerned.

Processing in cases where it is explicitly defined by law: As a location provider under Law No. 5651, the Portal will process users IP information, process data such as contact information, and process personal data in accordance with similar legal regulations based on the provision stipulated by law.

Processing due to the necessity of fulfilling the Legal Obligation of the Data responsible: To carry out complaint management processes, to communicate for this purpose, to respond to the requests of the competent authorities and authorities, tax, SSI and other legal the processing of personal data for purposes such as the fulfillment of obligations is based on the fulfillment of the legal obligation.

Publicization of the Person Concerned: The processing of personal data obtained from open sources such as trade records, social media, for the purpose of publicization is based on the reason for publicization.

Compulsory Processing of Data for the Legitimate Interests of the Data responsible, provided that it does not harm the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Person Concerned: Risk analysis, improvement of sales processes, development of after-sales services, customer portfolio measurement and improvement of management quality, development of products and services, statistical analysis and improvement of processes, detection and prevention of fraud. the processing of personal data for purposes such as control and control is based on legitimate interests.

6) Time to Store Personal Data

ASLANEGE Group shall retain the personal data obtained in accordance with the terms set out in the Membership Agreement with this Information and for the period required for the purpose for which they are processed.

These limits will be observed if personal data is subject to legal deadlines and must be kept for reporting and information alleging to legal authorities and other relevant public authorities.

In the event of any dispute arising out of the Membership Agreement and/or other legal dealings with the Person concerned, ASLANEGE Group shall be limited and will be able to store personal data for the duration of the statute of limitations.

7) Transferring Your Personal Data

ASLANEGE Group, personal data belonging to the Person concerned and the new data obtained using this personal data, in particular to perform the requirements and services of membership agreement, to improve system performance, to improve the user experience (including personalization), securing users, detecting and preventing fraud, improving the services it offers, conducting operational evaluation research, fixing errors, verifying user identities outsourcing service providers, law firms, research companies, call centers, complaint management and, in order to accomplish any of the objectives set out in the above processing purposes. software companies, agencies, consulting companies, companies in the printing industry, social media channels, persons and institutions where we provide services to store data in the cloud, with third real and/or legal entities, including the institutions we have contracted to send messages, domestic and international banks (including correspondent banks) in which we cooperate or receive services, financial institutions, payment institutions, and may be transferred to competent institutions, institutions, authorities, administrative and judicial bodies within the scope of obligations. ASLANEGE Group may transfer personal data to third parties domestically or abroad, limited and proportionately for these purposes within the above categories and purposes.

8) Storage and Security of Personal Data

We will take the necessary security measures to prevent the loss of stored, recorded data, not to fall into the hands of unauthorized persons and to prevent unlawful use.

ASLANEGE Group is committed to safely protecting personal data. Technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security to prevent unlawful processing and access of personal data and to ensure the storage of personal data using a variety of methods and security technologies is carried out.

ASLANEGE Group shall not disclose the personal data obtained to anyone else in contravention of this Information and the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 and will not use it for processing purposes.

In the event that personal data belonging to the person concerned is shared with outsourcing service providers in accordance with this Information, ASLANEGE Group shall also provide the necessary warnings to ensure that such outsourcing suppliers comply with the commitments contained under this article. 

In the event of links to other applications via ASLANEGE Group, ASLANEGE Group bears no responsibility for the protection of personal data, privacy policies and content of the applications linked.

9) Your Rights under the Law

Article 11 of the Act. in accordance with article 10; your personal data by contacting our company; to find out if it has been processed, to request information if it has been processed, to find out if it has been used in accordance with its purpose and purpose, to know the third parties to which it has been transferred at home or abroad, if it is incomplete or improperly processed requesting that they be corrected, is a law under Article 7 of the Act. request the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the terms set forth in article 5, requesting that third parties to which they are transferred be notified of the transactions made within the scope of the correction, deletion or destruction mentioned above, exclusively you have the right to object to the occurrence of an outcome by analyzing it through automated systems, and to claim damages for damages if you suffer losses due to unlawful processing.

10) Application Procedure to the Data Responsible

Your request to exercise your rights mentioned above shall be submitted in Turkish with ‘data responsible’ title with identifying documents, through the notary, or by other methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority. The application can be submitted to: ASLANEGE GRUP - 10041 Sok. No: 13 İAOSB-Çiğli-İZMİR

ASLANEGE Group reserves the right to verify your identity before responding.

In your application;

Submit your name, surname and written application,

Your Turkish ID number for citizens of the Republic of Turkey, your nationality if you are a foreigner, your passport number or, if applicable, your ID number,

Your main settlement or workplace address to the notification,

Your main e-mail address, telephone and fax number, if any,

Your specific application,

information and documents on the subject, if any, must be included in the application.