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We aim to provide time and cost saving by providing Security, Organisation and Communal living management, integrated to provide reliable, more hygienic, working and living conditions for your real estate and employees, which are your most valuable assets in your business and private life.

Aslanege started as a security company in 1995 under the name Ege Ozel Guvenlik. With the years, we have expanded our business to the field of personal services and facility management services. Because of its mission, Aslanege works with both individuals and companies who prefer to focus on their own areas of expertise and therefore appreciate the importance of money and time. Aslanege is located amongst the companies which are investing in the sector in Turkey.

Today there are more than 1700 security companies and more than 300.000 private security guards active in Turkey, a number exceeding the number of soldiers in many European countries. With such a large number of companies active in the sector, many of those companies are not complying with local regulations and legislation. This is causing unfair competition in terms of price and quality, and many other issues causing difficulties with receiving those companies’ services. The ever-increasing need for security in communal living complexes and facilities, organizations prefer to work with a company that listens to them, have a fast, flexible and technological infrastructure and is easily accessible.

In line with these developments, Aslanege group will continue to invest in the sector with the support of its stakeholders.

Aslanege Service Catalogue

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