Training And Inspection

ASLANEGE conducts all audits and inspections with its experienced professional directors, day and night and uninterrupted during 24-hour cycles in order to maintain the highest quality standards to be delivered to our customers at all times.

Night Inspections

In order to monitor our level of service during the night, we have specialist managers dedicated to night supervision only.

They will visit our locations at night in certain periods with a vehicle dedicated to this duty, to monitor and conduct:

  • Personnel uniforms
  • Managing the duty
  • Execution of general and private orders
  • Emergency action plans
  • On-the-job training
  • Validation and inspection of existing documentation, instructions and checklists
  • Project risk analysis

The inspection will include all such subjects.

Daytime inspections

ASLANEGE’s services in the form of operational and customer expectations and satisfaction, will be monitored in a continuous feedback loop. “How to be better”, by searching to answers to this question, our experts will continue to improve our service level.

Each expert will be provided with a vehicle during and outside working hours. They will conduct regular visits and interviews with company officials to monitor customer expectations and satisfaction.

Electronic Audit

In addition to our personnel inspections, we will make use of advanced digital technology and services. Including smart patrol systems, cameras and alarm monitoring systems, to improve efficiency, subject to the customers approval.

Intelligent Patrol Systems

Within the scope of the auditing plan established by mutual agreement and in line with the needs of the customer; lighting, physical protective measures, electronic systems, fire prevention measures allowing the continuous online monitoring of events.

The systems make use of advanced features including recording sound, video and images in case of a situation and is able to report directly to the authorities.

Both the company officer and the ASLANEGE operation officer can elect to be directly informed in special cases by means of telephone or SMS.

Alarm monitoring system

ASLANEGE works with a system where personnel on the projects is being monitored and controlled on a 24-hour basis by monitoring the status of the personnel on location, any failures in executing their duties, and absences or disagreements.

After approval from the authorities for camera monitoring, the personnel involved in the project will be monitored by the system.