Shooting Range

Our Shooting Range

Our range complies with the norms of the International Shooting Federations (ISSF and UIT). It is equipped with all forms of modern technology available for your comfort and safety. Firing and training is being provided to and conducted by our own staff, other private security company personnel, and private institutions.

In addition to that, our shooting range is available to industrialists, businessmen, lawyers, and private individuals with or without license. 


Where is the Aslanege shooting range?

Our range is located in the Aslanege building, 10041 Sokak Izmir Çiğli AOSB. For directions refer to the transportation & contact page on our website.

What is the age limit for shooting on the range?

The age limit for our range is 19 years. Those under the age of 19 can use the range safely with the help of their families and under the supervision of our instructors.

Do you provide shooting training?

You can take individual or corporate shooting trainings with our experienced trainers in our shooting range.

What kind of weapons can be fired on the range?

Our range is a gun shooting range. You can check our website for our current equipment available.

Can I use my own guns and ammunition with or without license in the range?

You can use your own licensed guns and ammunition in our range by paying only the rent fee.